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  • Olga Volgin

The Blueprint for Success: Why Goals Matter

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

When we set goals, we start to develop a clear vision of the future we want to create. Think about it, if you don't have a specific goal in mind, how are you going to know where you're headed? It's like trying to drive a car without a destination in mind. You might end up going in circles or getting lost. Clear, specific goals give us direction and purpose. This clarity allows us to make better decisions and prioritize our time and resources effectively.

I’ll be the first one to admit – until a few years ago, I did not believe in goal setting beyond a few months ahead. I always believed that if you work hard and do the right things, your future will unfold in the way it is meant to be. That worked out fairly well for awhile, but what I found is that I ended up spreading myself too thin, saying yes to too many things, working hard because that is what seemed important in the moment, trying to keep in touch with too many people, and feeling like I was on a treadmill doing "all the things". I was always very busy, which is what I thought it meant to be a high achiever.

Once I started setting my personal and professional goals, it became crystal clear how I should and should not be spending my time. I was a lot more selective in what I committed to and I felt a lot centered and in control.

What I found is that in addition to providing clarity, goal setting helps set priorities and as a bonus enhances our motivation and accountability. Once we have a target in mind, we become more energized and focused on achieving it. We are more likely to take action and push through obstacles and setbacks, knowing that each step brings us closer to our desired outcome.

Goal setting also encourages personal growth and development. By setting challenging but attainable objectives, we are forced to step outside our comfort zone and expand our skills and knowledge. We learn to overcome self-doubt and fear, developing resilience and grit in the process.

Finally, goal setting promotes a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. As we achieve our objectives, we experience a sense of pride and satisfaction, which fuels our desire to set and achieve even more ambitious goals.

So, whether you want to improve your career prospects, develop healthier habits, or deepen your relationships, goal setting can help you get there. It is an essential tool for personal and professional growth, providing clarity, motivation, accountability, and fulfillment. So, go set those goals! :)

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