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What I love most about coaching

I firmly believe that every person has the answers to their deepest questions and are ultimately the expert on the direction of their life. As a Productivity coach, I provide tools for effective time management and ask questions to help clients uncover what is getting in the way of achieving their goals and aspirations. The most rewarding part for me is seeing clients make changes in their lives, feel more empowered, and achieve their goals.

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I have spent 20+ years of my career in Fortune 500 tech companies. My career in writing software and managing teams became even more demanding after becoming a parent. Every day I made great progress on my never ending TODO list, yet I was not making progress on my bigger goals or really enjoying my life. 

This realization made me very committed to solving this problem for myself and I wanted to learn everything I could on productivity from top experts in the field. 

By applying those tools, I was able to find better balance in my life, be more present for my family, and finally have more clarity and focus on my bigger goals. The shifts I have made in my life were small, yet fundamental.

As a trained and certified coach, I guide clients in making a lasting positive impact in their lives and that is the most rewarding aspect of coaching for me.

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Role of the coach

As a Professional coach, I'll encourage your best thinking to help you gain personal insight on what you need and what is blocking you from getting there. I will share my knowledge on time management tools/strategies to help you reach your desired level of efficiency and productivity.

In our time together, we will work on getting clarity for your life moving forward and an action plan to get there that aligns with your goal and aspriations

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