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ENVISION what's possible

PLAN your days and weeks to add up to the life you want

EXECUTE like your life depends on it (because it does)

Do you feel like you are always behind? Do you feel busy, but not fulfilled? Are you struggling to manage conflicting demands on your time, stay productive, or achieve your goals? 

Whether you are looking to consistently achieve your goals, be more productive, or you simply want to organize your days more effectively - I can help! Together, we will work on a compelling vision for your life and a plan to align your time to YOUR goals (big or small!) so you can build the life to match your vision. We'll incorporate customized time management strategies and productivity tools to help YOU make the most of your time, increase your efficiency, and remain focused. 

Investing in yourself now means you can start building the life you want today - let's get started!

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Olga Volgin M.S., ACC


I am growth-minded, results-focused, and practical Productivity coach who helps busy clients, like you, get the most out of your days so you can build the life you want.

The Benefits of Productivity Coaching:

  • Save time, energy, and reduce stress 

  • Develop a clear vision and an effective plan for managing your personal and professional life

  • Reach maximum productivity and optimize your time to make the most of your days and weeks

  • Design your life around your goals to bring them to reality

  • Overcome overwhelm, overworking, or procrastination and gain positive momentum

  • Gain the sense of ownership over your time and enjoy your life more

As part of coaching, you will discover the power of applying effective time management strategies and productivity tools to help you consistently make progress on your goals, maintain focus and motivation, and ultimately work towards building the life you want. 

Productivity, Time management, Goal setting are areas I am truly passionate about. I am International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach who has done the research, completed the trainings, read the books, listened to podcasts, taken the notes so I can customize that expertise to each client. The best part is - I have done all that work, so you don’t need to!

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Highly recommend working with Olga for both career and life coaching.  Olga is incredibly perceptive, and helped me recognize negative thought patterns and self-talk that were making me feel like I wasn’t in control

Through several sessions, Olga expertly coached me to identify the root of these issues and provided effective strategies to figure out what I really want in my life and career.  Now I feel empowered at work, and inspired to live a more purposeful life.  

Rachel L., Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

I literally cannot recommend Olga enough! Every single session there is such value to be received. Olga literally gives you real tools to process your thoughts and to apply the steps needed. This has greatly impacted my approach to how I run my business. She has a brilliant way of relaying things so that they really hit home and have a strong impact on you.

Throughout our sessions Olga was very understanding and genuinely invested in you having results and makes it a safe space to explore. If you want to make a positive change in your life I would highly recommend booking in with Olga as I know she will make you see things differently.

Naomi L., Reiki Master and Certified Life Coach

Olga is a truly skilled and perceptive coach. She is a wealth of knowledge in the areas of efficiency, productivity, and time management. I have gained a lot of value from our time together, including deeper insights as to why I act the way I do, the difference between efficiency & productivity, how my habitual way of moving through my day was not very efficient and easy to apply strategies to manage my time better and become a more motivated, productive person in all areas of life.

She brings a lot of energy to our sessions and uses the time very efficiently, covering quite a bit of territory in our 45 minutes together. The strategies and homework for each session are clear and concise. I highly recommend Olga to anyone looking for a direct coach able to offer effective & well-researched strategies around time management, productivity, and efficiency. Definitely a 5/5 coaching experience!

Sophia W., Yoga instructor

If you're looking to take your career and productivity to the next level, I highly recommend working with Olga! As a productivity coach, she has a unique ability to help you see your own strengths and weaknesses in a new light, and then provides concrete steps for how to improve.

I consider myself pretty efficient and I have streamlined my schedule a lot this past year, but I knew it could still be better...
Olga and I spent our last session together pinpointing some BIG inefficiencies! And now I have a plan to approach them each week in a less stressful way.

- Desiree Grosman, Capital Copywriter

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