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I help busy clients manage their time and energy to accomplish what matters with less stress and more fun.    

It's not about having more time, it's about taking the right actions with the time you already have to build the life you want.

Olga Volgin M.S., ACC

I am growth-minded, results-focused, and practical Productivity coach who helps busy clients, like you, get the most out of your days so you can build a life you don't need a vacation from. 

What benefits can I get from coaching?

  • Achieve more with less effort. Don't do more. Instead, do more of the right things at the right time, to the right degree to get the biggest pay off. What can you spend less time on or eliminate?

  • Bring your goals to reality by designing your life around your goals. Do you have clarity on what you want for your life? What is a goal important to YOU that has been on the back burner? 

  • Do more of the things that you want to be doing and that make you YOU. Cook dinner with the family, train for that 5K, read that book you have been putting off. What have YOU been missing out on?

  • Overcome overwhelm, overworking, or procrastination. Not having crystal clear clarity and compelling reason behind your actions will get in the way of your execution. What is making you stuck?

  • Enjoy your life more! When you live in alignment with your goals and values, you are unstoppable! Where are you living out of alignment?

As part of coaching, you will discover the power of clarity, compelling vision, and effective time management strategies and productivity tools. We'll work together to help you consistently make progress on your goals, maintain focus and motivation, and ultimately work towards building the life you want. 

Productivity, Time management, Goal setting are areas I am truly passionate about. I am International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach who has done the research, completed the trainings, read the books, listened to podcasts, taken the notes so I can customize that expertise to each client. The best part is - I have done all that work, so you don’t need to!

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